Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ready, Set, Launch!

After a summer full of professional development, my brain is absolutely packed with new and exciting tools and strategies to try in my Humanities classroom.  One tool that I am going to implement day one is the OneNote Class Notebook.  I use my Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3 to run this amazing program.  I've played with it quite a bit in the past, but have never used it as a primary tool in my classroom.  This year, I've fully committed to being as paperless as possible, and the OneNote Class Notebook is the tool that I'm going to use to help me achieve this goal!

To introduce the OneNote Class Notebook to my students, I first showed them THIS VIDEO from the OneNote for Teachers website.  I then had students login to their Office 365 accounts, and open OneDrive.  I had previously created their OneNote Class Notebooks and shared those with them, so they were able to click on their 'Shared with Me' link and see the notebook.  They then launched OneNote Online by clicking on the link.  After the program opened, they clicked on the 'Open in OneNote' button at the top.

At this point, I began to play the tutorial video for OneNote Class Notebooks.  Students watched the video and walked through the steps on their own Class Notebook pages.  It gave them a great overview of the program and allowed them to "try" things while still being directed.  Since the tutorial was doing the "teaching", I was able to walk through the classroom and help my 30 students navigate and troubleshoot any issues.

We had a few glitches and a few computers struggled to load the full version of OneNote, but after the initial class period (48 minutes), students had a working knowledge of the program and were ready to begin the next lesson using the program.