Monday, September 28, 2015

Instructional Coaching- Life made easy with Office Mix

If there is one tech tool that has helped me make the transition from full-time Language Arts teacher to a half-time teacher and half-time instructional coach, it is Office Mix on my Surface Pro 3.  I'm often asked to create tutorials for strategies and techniques demonstrated during our weekly PD sessions for teachers who want a refresher course or were absent.  Where do I turn?  Office Mix!  This effective PowerPoint add-in easily allows large PD-leading PowerPoint presentations to become intimate and usable tutorials. 

It is a tech-coach's dream because I only have to perform the tutorial ONCE and it is forever recorded and is easily shared with any colleagues who may want more practice or to try things with the video.  Countless teachers have commented that they love these videos.  Little did they know, it is our familiar go-to (PowerPoint) with a little more razzle-dazzle!

I've linked a few samples of recent tutorials that I created for my teachers below.

Office Mix can easily be added to your PowerPoint through a quick download.  Our tech department recently sent it out for all teacher computers.  I'm excited to see my colleagues begin to play with this efficient, effective, and exciting new tool!