Thursday, December 31, 2015

4 Things I Love About OneNote Class Notebook

1. Instant Delivery
I LOVE that I can instantly deliver class content (handouts/notes/images/links) by placing them in the Content Library.  The Content Library makes my documents read-only until they are placed in a student notebook tab which means I don't have to worry about my master copy getting any unintentional (or, let's face it, intentional) adjustments by students.  Students can copy those documents/links/pages very easily and paste them into their notebooks within seconds of seeing them in the Content Library.  Easy, quick, and reliable!

2. Collaboration Space
The Collaboration Space has been instrumental this school year as my students work in groups to answer their driving questions.  Students love that they can see what their group members are working on.  It helps group leaders keep other group members accountable and makes this type of collaboration accessible for everyone in the group.  I love to be able to monitor what they are doing and enjoy having one location for all group work.

3. Audio/Video Recording
Having students do quick audio/video responses to prompting questions or lessons in class has become a frequent practice in my classroom.  Not only does it allow me to gauge student understanding, but it also provides a venue for students to practice their speaking skills (a long-lost set of standards and skills that middle schoolers desperately need).  They enjoy listening to themselves and are more thoughtful in their responses when they are being filmed/recorded.

4. Inking
Grading essays became so much easier when I implemented inking in OneNote.  Students submit their papers on a 'turn in' page for their assignment which not only allows me to see the timestamp (monitoring edits), but also allows me to easily find their work.  Then, I pick up my Surface Pen and ink directly on their essays.  I also provide audio feedback directly on the page in their notebook so that they can listen to my comments as well as read any editing that I've indicated on their essays.  I love not having a stack of papers and students love that they can see the feedback I add to their essays as quickly as I complete it!

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